Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Would Mr. Rogers Do?

Boy, am I ticked. I found out a few days ago, that my midwife, Kirsten can no longer continue her homebirth practice! Why you ask? Because her collaborating physician's malpractice insurance will no longer cover him if he backs homebirth after the end of this year. Talk about a catch 22. Certified Nurse Midwives can't practice without a collaborative agreement with an OB and OBs can't collaborate without risking thier malpractice coverage. How's that for a kick in the head. Can you say "restraint of trade" boys and girls?


Louisa said...

Now even the CNM's are being pushed out?!?! Sound's like the situation they have in CA as well. I wonder when the ACNM and NARM will start really becoming a thorn in the side of politicians all over the country. I wonder if it had anything to do with ACOG's recent policy statement on out-of-hospital birth...

Thats SO messed up.
It's the reason why I left MO, for more progressive climes here in WA.
That KS is in the same boat is just so sad.

Rise up midwives and friends of midwives! Take the bastards to court. If it's for restraint of trade then so be it. Whatever gets some change made.

Mimi said...

WHAT?????? That just chaps my hide.

Laborpayne said...

It has everything to do with the ACOG policy, insurance companies are jumping on board with it.

Anonymous said...

Damn that ACOG! I have so many issues with them its ridiculous. One being that the general public has minimal access to their mission and statements. Are they so exclusive that the women they serve do not have priviledge to read their position statements, etc?

ACOG has set out to abolish all non-MD practice, along with the AMA. If we as nurses, midwives, and women do not take a stand we are all going to be in trouble.