Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dropping- Not So Much

Well, its done. I'm either breastfeeding or pumping and fortifying the milk, then following that with formula supplementation. After doing that for 24 hours now, I really do think he wasn't getting enough milk. All signs point to a reduced milk production. All his labs keep coming back normal (a few are still out). He's been gaining about 1/2 ounce per day. His face looks plumper to me. Even his little bottom no longer looks like sagging old man skin. I should be thrilled he doesn't have some dread metabolic disorder, but I feely badly that I was feeding him on starvation rations for two weeks. I'm still working on getting my milk back. My son will smuggle in some beer today. Hope to get my reglan perscription filled also. I've barely left this room in days. My kids came to visit last night and I took them down to the cafeteria for treats. I realized I hadn't even so much as stepped into the hall in two days. Making and feeding Josiah milk takes all my time. His Ped called yesterday and told me to take more naps to help my milk production. I'm following her orders. To say I'm exhausted and sleep deprived is an understatment. But its worth it to finally see progress.

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heidi said...

Hey Sherry. I'm praying for you and for little Josiah.