Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hey, Just Act Natural

Just a quick run down of places and situations I've breastfed my baby in:

on a panel, giving a presentation
during a Toastmaster's meeting
during a board meeting
in the chair getting my eyes examined
in front of a room full of med students doing rounds
at the airport during a protest
at a women's investment group meeting
at the mall
hotel lobby
at the grocery store
in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office
in front of relatives at family gatherings
at restaurants
at a breastfeeding committee meeting

At no time and in no place have I recieved negative feedback- to my face. My philosophy is simply this; anytime, anyplace. I've lately wondered why I 'get away with it' Am I so discreet no-one knows I'm doing it? Am I so bold and brazen folks are shocked into silence? Am I so confident and natural about it, that no one questions me? Perhaps a little of all the above. At any rate, I'm tickled pink to be nursing all over town and doing my part to make breastfeeding an accepted and acceptable behavior in public venues.


Celeste said...

I'm so glad you got your supply back up!!! NIP away!!!

Dawn said...

I have breastfed my babies (all 5 of them) in various situations and places as well. . .and only one time did someone say anything to me. This woman told me I should go into the bathroom to nurse my baby. I told her she should take her food and eat it in the same bathroom then (we were in a restaurant), she shut up did not say another word. To me at least, I am sure she moved on to other women at other times. . .

Laborpayne said...

Good for you Dawn,
we should never let others put us down for doing what is best for our babies.